The Italian fashion

Some famous brands operating in the fashion industry require the expertise of Vulcaflex SpA to obtain high-quality accessories such as handbags, wallets and shoes.

Problem and solution

The Vulcaflex has a production cycle in which the coils of coated fabric or synthetic leathers are obtained by a deposition of plastic material on a sub-layer of fabric by calendering.

These coils, which constitute the raw material for many products, are subsequently reworked to obtain different customizations for example, can be colored, silkscreened to impress particular decorative motifs, embossed surface, etc.

To ensure best results in terms of aesthetic quality (essential for the fashion industry) and reduction of the rejected material, it is necessary that the product base to work with has a low moisture content.

Therefore the coils before being processed is stored for a certain period of time in a room at controlled temperature and humidity (T = 25°C with RH = 30%). Materials such as synthetic leather products for the French fashion house Louis Vuitton have to have the highest quality and a total absence of surface defects.