Beginning April 1, 2015, the DryCap and DrySize software tools will only be accessible on the Munters MHS website. The current standalone version of these programs will expire on March 31, 2015.

New Design Features

The new online version of DryCap and DrySize include some additional features over the current standalone version, including but not limited to:

Dehumidifier performance for newer product models now available (MX2, MCD, ComDry)Access to more than 4,000 ASHRAE design data and weather data locations throughout the world. Many product models now use the Patriot Engine when calculating the dehumidifier wheel performance. Users may see up to a 5% capacity improvement over the current standalone DryCap software (product models not using Patriot include MCS, MED, MG and MH)

Access Munters Humidity Solutions Tool


Screenshot from Munters Humidity Solutions


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