Munters ensures crystal clear display of frozen gourmet food products

The German supplier of Gourmet food, Battermann GmbH is particularly focused on first class products within fish, meat and gourmet articles.

Energy efficiency highly prioritized

Having a high awareness of energy consumption and efficiency Munters was asked to provide the most energy efficient solution possible for this new building .Munters GmbH designed their award winning Ice Dry solution for the 2,000 m³ cold store based on a desiccant dehumidifier type ML1100 with a heat recovery unit.

The dehumidifier was placed in the shop area, 3.5 m above floor level and adjacent to the automatic door to the cold store. A duct was led into the coldstore and the dry air is exhausted through duct openings placed vertically alongside the automatic door. The ML1100 dehumidifier has a nominal air flow of 1100m³/h and is in continuous operation.

This series of dehumidifier is already factory equipped with an internal heat recovery sector to reduce heat for regeneration of the desiccant wheel (rotor). In addition to this energy optimization, this ML1100 solution at Battermann GmbH is equipped with a heat recovery unit between the process air and the supplied dry air. Hereby the cold process air energy is partly returned to the dry air side, reducing the costs for cooling of the cold store. The saving on the refrigeration system will be equal to 16,000 kW/year, securing a 3 year pay back time on the heat recovery unit.

Battermann GmbH highly appreciates the advantages of the Munters IceDry cold store solution ensuring they

• Avoid dangerous ice formations on the floor in the cold store just as the doors and ceilings are free of ice build-up.
• The packing is keeping its shape and stability, and labels maintain their readability.
• Most important though, is the clear, hygienic and appealing way, the products are displayed to the customers shopping their gourmet products. Learn more about dehumidification of cold stores on www.munters.com/icedry and the 1000 + installations of Munters IceDry solution installed worldwide.

The display cases for the frozen products opens up directly from the shop into the cold store. With a temperature in the cold store at -15°C it would be a challenge to keep the glass doors from getting steamy when the cold air meets with the 23°C warmer air from the shop during opening of the doors. Transportation of goods in and out of the cold store is also partly done via the shop, causing openings of the big automatic door several times a day. Battermann GmbH was aware that the humidity around the cold store had to be controlled to avoid problems caused by the difference in temperature and water content in the cold store and in the shop.


  • Prevents ice build-up on doors, ceiling, products and slippery floors
  • Creates appealing display of frozen food products
  • 30 % reduction of energy consumption on refrigerations system


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