Munters keep refrigerated warehouse FM Logistic dry

In the course of the nineties, FM Logistic has expanded its field of action, especially in Eastern Europe. Since 2003, the French logistics provider also beckons to the Western European market. For his first Western European branch outside France region FM Logistic in Mechelen down. Since the company provides interim storage of Unilever products. The site 85 employees are active. They are in it for the reception of the goods coming directly from Unilever. It involves a variety of food brands such as Knorr, Lipton, Becel, Bertolli, Lu, Zwan, Snickers, etc. The products receive a temporary shelter in the warehouse, and depart from there to the next step in the distribution chain.

The warehouse of FM Logistic is divided into three pieces. In a first section are among the more soft and dry food. A second piece is cooled to 18°C and a third at 4°C. Because there are in that third section is a persistent moisture problem occurred FM Logistic enlisted the help of Munters in. "The roller door giving access to the refrigerated space from the warehouse is open on average every three minutes," says Philippe Martens, Facilities Manager & Prevention Advisor at FM Logistic. "It is a big gate, because we work in the warehouse with large high reach trucks. Each time the door opened, a large amount of moist air cooling warehouse came. This dripped condensation on the floor for roller door, while the warm air ascended to smoke domes in the ceiling and it also gave rise to condensation. Munters solved the problem by creating above the door curtain. Dry air curtain As a result, the moist air can no longer flow to the inside. At the same time, the system also blows a bleeding dry air in the four smoke domes. Munters uses this air with a relative humidity of less than ten percent. This maintains the relative humidity in the magazine under the seventy percent. At a temperature of 4°C, condensation may then no longer be."