A 360° audit of the existing dehumidification system concluded that a thorough update of the unit would grant Kaptein big energy savings and optimal dehumidification capacity at lowest energy costs possible. The upgrade ended up with a Return of Investement (ROI) of only 9 months, thanks to substantial energy savings.

Since 1936 The Dutch family owned company Kaptein has been specialising in the production of cheese and butter products made from high end natural ingredients. Today the company has developed into a national and international operating company with more than 45 foreign customers. The delivery of products with a perfect quality is one of the core values of Kaptein.

The facility of Kaptein in Bilzen (Belgium) focuses on the production of grated dried cheese. The last step in the production proces is to dry the cheese. Only by drying the cheese for 3 weeks in an optimal climate it is possible to rasp the cheese to a finished high quality product.

To secure the optimal and fully controlled climate conditions around the year, Kaptein in Bilzen installed a Munters dehumidifier type MX7600 back in 2006.

Low capacity = high energy costs

After 10 years of steady operation, Kaptein called Munters to check up the dehumidifier due to a number of issues:

It seemed to be impossible to reach the perfect climate, despite the fact that the dehumidifier was operating 24/7, resulting in beginning formations of mold.

During the performance check of the unit, it was disclosed that the MX7600 was only operating with a dehumidification capacity of 26%, being the reason for the too high humidity in the facility. The lack of performance resulted in far too high energy costs and costly loss of product.

A 360° audit of the dehumidification system concluded that a thorough update of the unit would grant Kaptein big energy savings and optimal dehumidification capacity at lowest energy costs possible. It was decided to perform an update including:
1. Installation of a new rotor to secure maximum capacity and minimum hours of operation

2. Installation of an internal Energy Recovery Purge system (ERP) to save energy in the reactivation process

3. Re-design of the control system for the gas circuit. By converting from High-Low to Modulating control, Kaptein is provided with a better regulation, granting substantial energy savings

4. Replacement of outdated components, securing improved functionality and safety

5. Upgrade of the complete electrical panels

The Return of Investment (ROI) of this extensive upgrade ended up at only 9 months, due to the substantial energy savings!

ServiceCaire® agreement to secure smooth operation

Learning from experience, Kaptein also decided to sign a ServiceCaire® maintenance agreement with Munters. The MX7600 will from now on undergo a Service visit once a year, during which Munters will replace consumable parts such as filters, and wear-and-tear parts when needed, thus preventing costly breakdowns and interrupted operation. After each visit, Kaptein will be provided with detailed Performance Reports that will also be electronically filed by Munters, securing tracability and Service history.

Energy Recovery Purge® (ERP)

Reduces energy needed for reactivation
When upgrading the dehumidifier with the ERP® system, an extra sector on both sides of the desiccant rotor will be added. This extra sector is placed on the process side where the rotor leaves the reactivation chamber.

Fresh air from the reactivation inlet (1) will go through this purge to remove the heat from the rotor material and mix this recoverd waste heat with the reactivation air after the heater (2).

Hereby the size (and power consumption) of the reactivation heater can be reduced and still grant the same dehumidification performance.

As the ERP® removes heat from the rotor material, the process air (3) temperature will be reduced, securing substantial savings in cases where post cooling is needed.

The ERP® can be installed retro fit on dehumidifier MX, MDU and MDS Series.

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  • Complete revision incl. new rotor
  • ROI of only 9 months
  • Internal energy recovery cuts energy consumption for reactivation by 21%
  • ServiceCaire® agreement to secure optimal performance


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