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Rahbek Fisk A/S improves the safety of employees with IceDry®

The company in Fredericia saw problems with ice and frost bulid ups in several of the freezer rooms with commodities. The freezer compartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the production premises where the humidity is high – about 75-80% RH for the daily cleaning. This warm and moist air condenses at the entrance to the freezer chambers and problems arise in the form of ice at gateways, ice on the floors and vertical blinds, snow on the ceilings and frost formation on the evaporators. For personnel with trucks bringing raw materials in and out of freezer rooms, these problems are a daily security risk, such as falls and collisions.

Rahbekfisk A/S contacted Munters A/S to get these issues to life. There was made ​​a solution – initially for a single freezer, but after experiencing the benefits of IceDry system Rahbekfisk A/S in a short time installed IceDry in all three freezers.

The IceDry system is designed specifically for installation inside the freezer chambers. The dehumidified air is passed through the channels until the port openings, where the dry air is blown through nozzles onto the port. The IceDry solution goes directly to the root of the problem by preventing the warmer, humid air outside the freezer compartment penetrates and causes ice and frost formation. For doors with locks blown dry air into the sluice gate.

Production Manager at Rahbekfisk A/S, Carl-Hermann S., said: "The IceDry system has solved some major security problems for us. Today, the floors are dry and free of ice, to the great satisfaction of our truck drivers. In addition, the need for defrosting the freezer chambers has disappeared. Previously, we had four times a year closing freezer rooms down for 5-6 days at a time to defrost – today we defrost only in connection with the closure for the summer holidays."

In addition to the safety benefits, IceDry also ensures improved utilization of the evaporators, and now there is no longer a need to use the valuable work time for manual removal of snow and ice.


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