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Service Agreement with Munters ensures trouble-free 24 hrs operation

At the Pingvin Lakrids A/S facility in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, the largest Danish manufacturer of chocolate and confectionary Toms Group A/S is producing 10,000 tons confectionary every year.

24 hours a day, 5 days a week, the production of candy runs at full speed. A production that is completely dependent on a trouble-free operation without any unexpected stops or break downs. An interruption will lead to costly waste of man hour and products.

The facility houses 20 drying cabinets where products like jelly and marshmallow are dried before being packed and shipped.

A service customer for decades

For decades, Munters has been the supplier of desiccant dehumidification solutions for Pingvin Lakrids A/S. The dry air supplied by Munters ensures the constant climate in drying cabinets and production areas that is the decisive condition for the high and stable product quality around the year.

Focus on operation planning instead of solving quality issues

To fully concentrate on the daily operation in the factory, Technical Manager Niels Elo Hansen has a Service Agreement with Munters where he leaves all maintenance of both dehumidifiers, 10 AHU’s and controls for 20 drying cabinets to Munters who keeps all equipment in tip top condition. Munters performs the main service check every summer when the facility closes down for vacation. All units are thoroughly checked, performance is monitored, and parts sensitive to wear and tear are replaced such as consumable parts as filters and drive belts.

Easy to plan budget with fixed costs and schedule

To Niels Elo Hansen, the Service Agreement with Munters means that he does not have to concentrate on the operation and maintenance of the equipment at all, but he can plan and run production fully assured that it is performing 100%. When planning for next years' budget, both costs and time schedules are already fixed, but to Mr. Hansen the costs are not an issue, being only a fraction compared to the costs related to a single breakdown and related production stop.

Coming up next - Energy Audit

As a natural part of the close contact between Munters and Pingvin Lakrids A/S, all the desiccant dehumidification systems will undergo a full Energy Audit to determine which of Munters' energy optimization solutions would be beneficial for Pingvin Lakrids A/S to implement.

Find more information on Munters' ServiceCaire™ service agreement here Munters Global Services

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  • Air treatment systems operating with optimal performance at all times
  • No inconvenient and costly break downs with un planned production stops
  • Known costs make budgeting easier
  • No need of internal resources allocated for maintenance


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