Munters improves the quality of Iberian ham for La Joya Jabugo SL

In the operation of spray towers there are seasonal differences.


In summer, when the moisture content of the air is high, the operating conditions are less favorable than in winter, when the moisture content of the air is rather low. In a humid environment, it is likely that the powder becomes sticky, which causes a higher downtime.

Stability and a consistently good quality of the dried product have top priority in the spray process. To achieve this, all measurements must be stabilized during operation. The only variable which was difficult to control until today, the moisture content of the air supplied.


By dehumidifying the supply air , humidity can be maintained at the same low level all year-round. This ensures stable conditions and thus a stable quality and higher efficiency of the spray process. Munters has developed a series of special high-performance dehumidifiers that make this possible. The dehumidifier regulate the exact moisture content of the supply air and thus offer the spray process following.


  • Prevent of growth bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms in the hams
  • Control of hygienic conditions
  • Increased capacity of the cell maturation
  • Improves of the product quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs


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