Roses grown in climate controlled greenhouses

Limited temperature & humidity extremes in greenhouse

The Spanish companies of Rosas Elig-Flor – Elig-Flor Castalla and Rosas Campello Obiol form a corporate group that has as its business the production of high-quality roses. The two member companies have production sites situated at Elche and at Castalla in Alicante city.

The essence of CELdek® is to provide comprehensive control, from start to finish. This begins with Munters expertise to choose the right equipment and goes on to include all the technical support necessary for a total turnkey solution. The specially designed control
system, for example, is a principal part of the CELdek system. In general, it includes CELdek evaporative cooling pads, selected Euroemme™ fans, control system, and all necessary water-distribution equipment, and in some climates, heating systems.
Munters has many years of far-ranging global experience in providing the right climate in the right place – at the right price.

Installations calculation
The installation in Elig-Flor’s greenhouses was calculated using on-site data, which included the amount of solar radiation falling on the greenhouse and the surface of the greenhouse. As a result – for a greenhouse measuring 40 by 1200 meters – this led to an
installation of 120 meters of CELdek evaporative cooling pads, having a height of two meters and a thickness of 100 millimeters, inclusive of a gutter system. Also included in the installation design were a total of 28 EM50 fans of 1 hp each. Furthermore, 36 EDC24 units were
installed in the greenhouses to prevent air stratification during the winter season. The purpose of this was to boost the expulsion of moist air and thus avoid the The principle of the climate formation of dew on walls and ceilings.

Hot problem

During the summer season (i.e. June, July, and August), this region of Spain may have temperatures hovering as high as 40 °C outside the greenhouses. Such high temperatures directly and adversely affect production, thereby reducing the quality of the roses.
High house temperatures influence the plant performance negatively, and the resultant appearance of the roses tends to reduce the market price. The end result being lower profits during these summer months for the farmer.

Cool solution

According to Rafael Obiol (General Manager, Elig Flor), “Everybody in this business knows the benefits of a cooling system, but only the people who want to invest in quality actually end up installing it. By reducing the temperature in the greenhouses during the summer season,
we are able to bring about an optimal growing process for the rose, thus obtaining the best product quality and appearance for the market. A good image of the product is very important, even as regards rose color and endurance, in order to obtain buyer satisfaction.”
With this system, which was designed in a cooperative project between Munters and Elig-Flor, the Group has been able to – reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse by 6 °C – increase the relative humidity to 72%. (This helps to dramatically cut water
evaporation from the roses as they grow.)
– retain high quality and appearance
– guarantee maximum profit.
An important point of influence is the shadow mesh installed inside the Group’s greenhouses, because this cuts out 60% of the solar radiation. Owing to this fact, the overall design was adjusted in consultation with Munters to match the optimal conditions using such a shadow


  • Reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse by 6 °C
  • Increase the relative humidity to 72%. (This helps to dramatically cut water evaporation from the roses as they grow.)
  • Retain high quality and appearance
  • Guarantee maximum profit
  • Improve the control of the house environment, and limit the temperature and humidity extremes


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