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Perfect climate for pharmaceutical manufacture

Pharmadule, the world leader in modular manufacturing facilities for the pharmaceutical industry, has in recent years been working with Munters to supply humidity controlled facilities for Eli Lilly Indianapolis, Baxter Bloomington USA and Eli Lilly Kinsale Ireland.

As part of their expansion plans to meet increasing demand, Eli Lily and Baxter expanded their manufacturing facilities by utilizing Pharmadule's modular concept incorporating humidity control systems from Munters' MDU, ICA and MX range.

Eli Lilly's and Baxter's manufacturing processes require low humidity atmosphere with tight humidity control. Munters supplied dry air at less than 4°C dewpoint using 3 ICA, 2 MDU and 2 MX air handling systems.

By avoiding uncontrolled humidity levels, product quality is optimised. As a long standing supplier to Pharmadule and the pharmaceutical industry, Munters were commissioned to manufacture, install and provide the complete humidity control systems and after care. Munters is the global market leader in desiccant dehumidification. Our global product range has been designed to efficiently dehumidify low dewpoint applications particularly for the pharmaceutical industry.

Munters' airtight energy-efficient designs deliver accurate conditions to ultra low humidity levels and our standard systems include base controls or optimised microprocessor control. Munters units are designed to control humidity in production areas or create ultra dry mini climates and utilise innovative controls to maximise energy efficiency.

Primary requirements from Pharmadule were to supply very high quality desiccant dehumidification systems for the plant rooms at Eli Lilly and Baxter USA, plus Eli Lilly Ireland.

Munters desiccant systems are completely dry air handling systems. Water does not condensate because the dewpoint of the air created is lower than the temperature of the cooling coils.

This means that microbiological reproduction is reduced, increasing hygienic manufacture.

Munters' global range of MDU, ICA and MX systems are perfectly designed for process applications. Standard systems include pre-treatment, dehumidification, post air treatment and reactivation energy optimisation.

The factory-built systems are fully tested and easy to assemble on site, whilst conforming to global standards for AHUs and CE marking.

The systems are built with the experience of Munters in-house worldwide service teams, incorporating automatic fault handling and intelligent re-start if power supplies are interrupted. All systems have fast front access for easy maintenance.

Munters systems are designed to give year-round stability and guaranteed humidity levels for reliable product quality.

Munters dry air solutions are not a secret so why not look on www.munters.com for further case studies or contact your local office.


  • High efficiency, even below 0°C
  • High capacity at ultra low dewpoints
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast installation
  • In-house global service support


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