GMP compliance with help from Munters air treatment systems

At Xellia Pharmaceuticals, Munters creates a strictly controlled and GMP compliant climate.

Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a leading producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), specialized in fermented antibiotics. Xellia has its own production facilities in Denmark, Norway, Hungary and China, and their APIs are available in bulk or Sterilized Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs).

For many years, Munters has been the trusted supplier of dehumidification systems for tabletting and lab applications. Thanks to the positive experience from the previous installations, Munters was contacted when Xellia’s clean rooms for weighing of powder products recently had to be updated.

As all Xellia’s facilities are GMP compliant, their ClassB clean rooms need a strict control of both temperature and humidity, and Munters was asked to design the optimal climate solution for these rooms.

The selected MLPlus and MXPlus systems are designed to fit into environments with high demands as to foot prints, energy efficiency and hygiene. Standard modules for pre and post cooling can be added according to the actual specifications and all fit on a common base frame with cleaning friendly surfaces and elegant design.

By choosing a Munters Plus system, the customer is enjoying the benefit of having only one supplier for both dehumidification, pre and post cooling/heating, filtration and humidification. The system is compact thus flexible in the design and composition of modules needed.

At Xellia Pharmaceuticals, the climate control solution from Munters does not only secure the strict demands for the clean room classification but also solves a practical problem. Without dehumidification, the weighing process in the clean room could be seriously disturbed by outdoor weather conditions causing the production to be interrupted or postponed. Now the climate in the clean room is completely unaffected by outdoor variations in temperature and humidity, and production can be precisely planned.


  • Constant and strictly controlled climate around the year
  • Enables GMP compliance
  • Compact system solution with add-ons
  • Only one supplier
  • Small foot print


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