Mist Eliminators / Mist Eliminators

Ultra Flow 3-Stage Mist Eliminator System

    DV Series - Vane-type

    • Extremely low pressure loss
    • Equipped with flushing / cleaning systems for plugging sensitive applications
    • Low maintenance —Modules are easy to clean, also during system operation
    • Broad range of materials — Special materials upon request
    • Flow optimization gives better process performance and stability
    • Increased service life of coarse and fine separators
    • Cuts maintenance time
    • Eliminates loss of product and downstream wear


    Product description


    Munters´ Ultra-Flow is a 3-stage vane type separator system for vertical gas flows with an integrated online cleaning system.
    Ultra-Flow has been designed as modular system to enable easy maintenance. A brand-new design with drainage system is developed for Ultra-Flow to remove liquid easily out of the gas flow. This profile enables robust operation and reduced installation downtime without the risk of reaching the flooding condition. Due to large spacing, it has low risk of clogging compared to other profiles.
    Ultra-Flow combines high efficiency with deliberated design and best operation conditions. It's the best option for new generation of FGD scrubbers with low height and strong performance requirements as for existing scrubbers with low available height. Ultra-Flows's upgraded flushing system, the water consumption can be reduced by 30% as a result of the improved position of the installation as well as the spray nozzles.



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