Munters IceDry® Revolution in coldstores

General practice in the food industry and particularly in the distribution of frozen products is to increase stock rotation without increasing investment. Today, increasing productivity is an obligation.

In order to increase productivity, it is necessary to increase the number of times the door is opened. But then the problems with ice become all the more significant, immediately slowing the traffic! In effect, the presence of the ice creates slippery floors, doors which do not shut, evaporators blocked by ice – occurrences that limit productivity and significantly increase maintenance costs. Forklift trucks therefore represent a constant danger for the operators and often involve extra costs due to damage or even destruction of some equipment through sliding. The only effective solution is to tackle the problem at its source – it is necessary to eliminate the humidity in the air which causes the ice, which is exactly what the Munters IceDry® system does. By treating the air on the inside of the cold store, the Munters technology enables ice which has already been formed to be sublimated and avoids the reappearance of ice. This unique solution makes it possible, with a minimum amount of effort on your part, to immediately secure a clean storage environment and optimum working conditions.


  • Coldstore without ice
  • Reduces the risk of accidents
  • Maintains the cold chain
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves quality of products stored
  • Removal of air curtains which consume energy


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