CEO and Management


“”Johan Ek

Born 1968. Board member since 2018.President and CEO since Dec 2018.

Principal education: M.Sc. in Economics, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. 

Professional experience: Extensive experience of management positions and Board work. President and CEO of Relacom and President at Powerwave Technologies Inc and LGP Allgon.

Current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Sunrise Medical, board member of Handicare. 

Selected previous assignments: Chairman in Handicare, Saferoad and Corob Engineering and as Board member of Acino and Ramirent.

Holding in Munters Group AB: –

Independent in relation to the Company and Group management, but not in relation to the Company’s major 


“”Jonas Ågrup

Born 1960. Group Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 2011.

Principal education: BA in Business and Economics, Stockholm University.

Professional experience:  Various positions in ÅF, WM-data, Cardo and Atlas Copco.

Other current assignments: Board member of Handelsbanken Kista.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 319,035 Shares and 415,000 warrants.


“”Scott Haynes

Born 1963. Group Vice President Air Treatment since 2014.

Principal education: B.Sc. in Business Administration, Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. Management Development Program, Boston University. Sales Management Training Program, General Electric. Leadership & International Management, Swedish Institute of Management AB/Duke University. 

Professional experience: Various management positions within Munters 1994–2004.

Holding after the Offering: 332,157 Shares and 240,000 warrants.


Michael Gantert

Born 1978. Group Vice President Data Centers since 2018.

Principal education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Military Institute. 

Professional experience: 6 years as an Officer in the US Army. Positions held during the years with Munters are Data Center Project Manager, Applications Engineering Manager, Commercial Director – Americas, Global Commercial Director, and International Assignment to Belgium.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 


“”Peter Gisel-Ekdahl

Born 1970. Group Vice President AgHort since 2011.

Principal education: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. M.Sc. in Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School. 

Professional experience: Various positions in Wedholms and Hackmans.

Other current assignments: Board member of ABECE AB and Wedcooling AB.

Previous assignments: Deputy Board member of Drivec AB.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 191,176 Shares and 295,000 warrants.



Wolf-Markus Frank

Born 1968. Group Vice President Mist Elimination since 2017, President Munters China since 2013.

Principal education: MBA, Bradford University. MBA, University Paderborn. 

Professional experience: Various positions in Electrolux and jlu Group.

Other current assignments: Managing Director of UBB-Frank GmbH.

Previous assignments: Board member of Electrolux Spain.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 60,173 Shares. 




Sebastien Leichtnam

Born 1971. Group Vice President Global Services since 2016.

Princip al education: MBA, EDHEC Business School. Executive education, INSEAD. Technician certificate diploma degree, Lille Catholic University. 

Professional experience: Various management positions in Tetrapak AB, Cardo AB, Crawford France and Hafa Manutention.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 57,307 Shares.



“”Paul Dinnage

Born 1962. President Innovation and Technology.

Principal education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984. 

Professional experience: Numerous roles within Munters under 32 years, from Operations Management to Vice President Technology.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 353,842 Shares.


Sofia Gellar

Born 1971. Group Vice President Human Resources & Communications.

Principal education: Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development and Labor Relations, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Professional experience: More than 20 years of experience within Human Resources and has held positions such as Head of Corporate HR and Head of HR Support at Scania, Head of Talent Management SSAB EMEA and VP Human Resources Ruukki Construction.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 



Johannes Fabó

Born 1978. Group Vice President Strategy, Business Development and M&A since 2012.

Principal education: M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, Chalmers University of Technology.

Professional experience:  Consultant and Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 79,333 Shares and 450,000 warrants.



“”Sara Punkki

Born 1975. Group Vice President CSR since 2017.

Principal education: Master’s degree in business law, Jönköping University. Various positions in Munters. 

Professional experience: Various positions in Deloitte, Ericsson and Swedbank.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 31,026 Shares and 42,000 warrants.



“”John Womack

Born 1966. Head of Investor Relations since 2017.

Principal education: B.Sc. in Economics, Lund University. Diploma degree in Communication and Advertising, Stockholm University.

Professional experience:  Director of Investor Relations of Alimak Group AB (publ). Director of Information and Investor Relations of Clas Ohlson AB (publ).

Other current assignments: Board member of ArtGlass i Malmö AB, Womack Investor Relations AB and CarpetVista Group AB. Senior Advisor of Fogel & Partners.

Holding in Munters Group AB:  100 Shares.


Katarina Lindström

Born 1965. President Global Operations since 2018.

Principal education: M. Sc. Material Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Professional experience: Various management positions at Volvo since 1988, such as Senior Vice President International Manufacturing, Volvo Group Trucks Operation and Senior Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain Management at Volvo Group Trucks Operation.

Other current assignments: Board member of Gränges and elected member of the Swedish Royal Engineering Academy.

Holding in Munters Group AB: 10 000 shares.


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